We create & supply premium quality Roti Skins to individuals & businesses across London.

Here at Horizon Foods, we create authentic and real Trinidadian products. Our recipes and methods we employ have been passed down and developed for generations. It is these same recipes that have aided our success over the years and got us to where we are today. Roti is our speciality. It's not only in our business, it's in our hearts too. Delighting our customers through amazing food & flavour is what we do. Be it at an event, stocked on the shelves of your restaurant or at the dinner table our customers love what we do and we love to do it.


Tamarind sauce has both a familiar and exotic taste. The base of which comes from the tamarind fruit. The unique blend of our recipe provides a perfect mix between the sweet, the spicy & sour. £1.95 per bottle


A common street food in Trinidad & Tobago. Two round deep fried flatbread shells encompass a hearty chickpea curry (a.k.a channa) and usually topped off with some pepper sauce. £2.50 each


Deep fried spicy split pea dough. Slightly Crispy on the outside, yet some what light and fluffy on the inside. This Incredible flavorful street snack is enjoyed throughout the Caribbean Island especially in Trinidad. £2 for 10 pieces


An aloo pie is a fried dumpling popular in the Cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago.It is a soft, fried pastry made from flour and water, and filled with boiled, spiced and mashed potatoes. £1.25 each


Paratha, also know as “buss up shot” is one of the various types of roti in Trinidad. It is called buss up shot because of its texture, appearance and similarity to a torn t-shirt. £1.50 each (sold in packs of 5)


Dhal Puri roti is a delicious take on traditional Trinidadian Roti. It is made with a filling that consists of crushed up split peas and seasoning.
Large = £ 1.25 each. Small = £1.20 each.  Wholemeal large = £1.50. Wholemeal small = £1.40. Plain Large = £1.00. Plain small = £0.90


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